Hana Soueidan


Hana Soueidan is a rising 4th year medical student at the American University of the Caribbean. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences, with concentrations in biomedical engineering and Arabic linguistics from the University of South Florida (Go Bulls!).

Hana’s passion for advancing the field of medicine and advocating for its equitable access began early on in her childhood, when she witnessed close family members and friends struggle to access and afford medical care. She has served as part of AMSA’s AIDs Advocacy Network Steering Committee for the last year, helping to break the stigma, promote equitable access to medications and syringe exchange programs, and increase awareness and understanding of HIV/AIDs, Hepatitis, Reproductive rights, and more. Currently, she is serving as the AIDs Advocacy Network Co-Chair, where she hopes to continue serving the community and promoting awareness.

Outside of AMSA, Hana remains heavily involved in her school’s student leadership committee, advocating for her fellow colleagues, and serves as a peer mentor. While advocacy and serving others is her passion, she ensures to carve out personal time to help balance the load, and enjoys many hobbies- BJJ, painting, reading, hiking, to name a few. She will be applying this year to residency programs, and hopes to pursue a career in Child Neurology, where she can give back to the field that first inspired her.