Ashi Arora

Vice President for Programming Development

Ashi Arora, she/her/hers, currently a rising 2nd-year medical student at Georgetown University School of Medicine in Washington, DC. She graduated with a BS in Public Health and Certification in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI, in May 2019. Ashi’s involvement in menstrual advocacy began with pitching a menstrual health management coalition within Detroit at a social innovation challenge in 2017, and she was awarded a grant to engage in service, advocacy, and educational workshops in high-risk communities through the creation of a student organization; and for focus group research with women living in homeless shelters in Detroit, studying their menstrual and reproductive health experiences with a goal of helping shelters to shape their policies and programs. She previously serves as the Community and Public Health chair of AMSA, and coordinated AMSA’s 20th anniversary of National Primary Care Week, with a focus on empowering students and physicians to take action in their communities to elevate the discourse around building the primary care workforce and primary care physicians’ crucial role in preventing disease, eliminating health disparities, and LGBTQ health. Serving as AMSA’s previous Gender and Sexuality Chair and working with an organization in Detroit to prevent preterm birth in high-risk pregnant women, Ashi is energized to focus on reproductive justice during her medical career. Her goal is to pursue a career in medicine and health policy in urban communities. Ashi is passionate about ameliorating underlying barriers and disparities that prevent marginalized, oppressed communities from accessing tools to live healthy and happy lives. Detroit, the true American city in her eyes, has fueled her passion to target these challenges and serve her community.