Are you a medical student interested in providing abortions in your career, but you’re not sure where to start? Studies show that medical education is not adequately addressing the need for abortion providers. Training can be difficult to find or insufficient, which only perpetuates the gap in access to abortions.

AMSA is running a Reproductive Health Mentorship Sprint to introduce med students who have an emerging interest in providing complete reproductive healthcare to their future patients, to include the essential healthcare service of abortion, to clinicians who have overcome the obstacles to enter this space. Together we can remove some of the obstacles around entering into this type of essential reproductive healthcare practice and start bridging the gaps in access—for everyone.

The Reproductive Health Mentorship Sprint will serve to match mentors who are abortion care clinicians or residents in reproductive health with med students who are seeking answers in this space. The program will consist of a minimum of 4 meetings with your mentor, one per week during the duration of the month-long program. The “sprint” is designed to connect experts to students who have an emerging interest in abortion care and reproductive health, in a format that doesn’t ask too much of two individuals with extremely busy lives.

Learn more about the program specifics below, and apply for your seat as a mentee!

What is my commitment?

By applying to this program, you agree to participate in 4 weekly calls, 1 per week during the month-long program. This may be a voice or video call as agreed upon and arranged by each individual pair. The suggested length of each call to ensure adequate time to address the topic for the week is 30 minutes or more.

We hope that the connections made through this program will continue beyond the duration of the program, but the “sprint” design of the program is intended to allow our mentors and mentees to squeeze this valuable interaction into their busy schedules.

One requirement of the program is joining AMSA Connect, AMSA’s mentorship platform. You’ll be instructed on how to do this as part of this program if you’re not already in our online mentorship community. You’re not required to stay in the community after this program ends, but it may be a way for you to continue to engage in mentorship and stay in touch with your Reproductive Health Mentorship Sprint connections.

Who is eligible?

AMSA members and non-members are eligible to apply for this program. Non-members whose applications are accepted will be required to join AMSA at no cost to participate in this program. Applicants will be accepted into the program based on how early they apply and whether they meet the criteria of being a current medical student with an interest in abortion provision. We may also have limitations in matching mentees with a mentor based on geographic location/timezone, and will inform prospective mentees of any such conflicts. It should also be noted that the focus of this program is limited in scope to those who intend to practice in the United States at this time.

Program Timeline

  • Application Deadline: August 1
  • Mentoring sessions take place: Aug 9—Sept 3 (one session per week)
  • Program conclusion happy hour: Sept 3

Questions? Email