Institutional Partnership Program

You know AMSA at your school as a chapter, but there is more to know.

AMSA National, the foundational organization, works with schools across the country and in the Caribbean to enhance medical education and the lives of physicians-in-training.

Partner with AMSA to provide community, resources, and support for your students to succeed. AMSA has created a cost-effective, all-inclusive program to make AMSA National membership a reality for your students.

Explore the benefits of the AMSA Institutional Partnership Program. As an AMSA Institutional Partner, all of your incoming students receive AMSA membership with full membership benefits for the duration at your school. Plus, your school and faculty receive valuable opportunities and benefits.

Investing in your students will send a powerful message of support to your current and prospective students. Click on your school type below for more information.

To receive discounted AMSA National membership for your entire incoming class, contact either:

Jamie Thayer Scates
(703) 665-4691

Sandy Fridy
(703) 665-4811

Become one of AMSA’s founding Institutional Partners today!