Webinar Resource Center

Webinar Resource Center

AMSA offers many online lectures and trainings. We invite you to view these recording and welcome suggestions for future topics/sessions.

Race, Ethnicity and Culture in Health (REACH) Webinars

Health Equity Week of Action, January 2014

Public Health Scholars Program, Structural Competency Series 2013-2014

Community Healers Inspiring Tomorrow (CHIT) Chat Monthly Webinar Series
Hosted by the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) and the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM). All of these webinars can be viewed online at http://www.acpm.org/?CHITChatWebinars.

  • Preventing What? The Problem of Human Rights and Prevention (Mar 2014)
  • Obesity and Metabolic Risk in Children: How Growing Up Sweet Can Turn Sour (Nov 2013)
  • The Epidemiology Of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) (Oct 2013)
  • What is Preventive Medicine? Growing and Strengthening Preventive Medicine (Sept 2013)
  • Lifestyle Medicine: What is it and Who Does it Benefit? (Mar 2013)
  • Careers in Preventive Medicine: A Panel Discussion (Dec 2012)
  • Primary Care and Public Health: Integration to Improve Population Health (Nov 2012)
  • Growing and Strengthening Preventive Medicine (Sept 2012)
  • Public Health Fellowships and Rotations for Medical Students and Residents
  • Geriatrics, Prevention and Medicare: An Overview
  • Prevention, The Best Health — and Healthcare– Strategy

NPCW 2013 Webinars

  • Current Crisis in Primary Care: Current crisis in primary care, obesity amongst the general population & its consequences on health care, and quality of life. Speaker: Michael F. Jacobson, Executive Director and Founder of Food Day
  • Vitality of Primary Care: Importance of primary care in our society with focus on the Affordable Care Act and how it will impact medical students and the future of primary care physicians. Speakers: Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer & Tabitha Hariston
  • Professionalism in Primary Care: Trans-disciplinary professionalism and why it is important to collaborate with other professionals in health care for our patients’ well-being. Speakers: Dr. Virna Little, Dr. Jeff Koetje & Dr. Lea Brandt
  • Fighting Student Debt: Analysis of medical debt, loan repayment, and scholarship plans available to medical students. Speaker: Julie Gilbert
  • National Corps and Primary Care: To celebrate National Corps Community Day, a NHSC member and practicing clinician addresses his/her view on primary care and experience with the Corps. Speakers: Dr. Bernard Abbott & Dr. Gayle Mathews
  • Choose Primary Care! Why choosing primary care is important to our society, and the advantages of choosing family medicine as a career choice. Speaker: Dr. Reid Blackwelder

2013 Health Equity Week of Action

Wellness & Student Life Book Webinar

  • Healer and Oxygen (2013)
    Carol Cassella, Author, Anesthesiologist and Mother
  • Leana Wen (2013)
    When Doctors Don’t Listen, Dr. Leana Wen, Emergency physician at Brigham & Women’s / Massachusetts General Hospital

Quality Time Video Training Series

Patient Safety & Quality

SWIM: Student Wellness & Integrative Medicine Webinar Series

Chapter Officer Leadership Webinar Series (2012)

  • Your AMSA Narrative: Craft your own personal AMSA story that you can share when talking with friends, family and colleagues. This is a valuable recruitment tool to have during recruitment season!
  • Your Toolkit: Resources available to have a successful recruitment year as well as resources you can use for programming activities.
  • Chapter Development. Better, Faster, Stronger! Ups and downs of chapter development and how to engage members in activities, leadership positions.