Trans Health Leadership Course

Registration for 2018-2019 Scholars Programs has closed.

Program Overview

Individuals who identify as transgender and/or who may be gender nonconforming in their identity expression are at risk for numerous health disparities. These individuals are increasingly presenting in the healthcare setting, likely the result of the increased visibility of transgender individuals in the media and culture; however, physician training about gender identity and expression related phenomena in all humans is markedly lacking in medical schools. This course has been designed with leaders in this rapidly expanding field and the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH), with the intention to improve how we as physicians can best support and maintain the health of our diverse patient populations.

Why will I LOVE this Program?

Are you passionate about primary care, pediatrics, endocrinology, internal medicine, psychiatry or surgery? Because this Scholars Program will automatically improve your ability to relate to patients – and examine your own assumptions about gender and gender identity. The more we, as physicians, explore our own biases, values and cultural assumptions, the more we can provide culturally humble care that can improve our patients’ health and wellness.

If you are already someone who is passionate about gender identity, transgender health and advocacy, sexual identity and queer global medicine, this is the course for you! It is an opportunity to be introduced to leaders in this field and get a solid foundation in this rapidly growing topic.

Registration Information

Program Registration Fees
AMSA Student Member $35
Non-Member $49

For more information, including session dates & times, download the program syllabus.