Medical Humanities Scholars Program

Registration for 2017—2018 Scholars Programs has closed, and will open again in Fall 2018.

Program Overview

Did you know doctors who regularly study and appreciate art have been found to possess stronger diagnostic skills? Culture and arts have a profound impact on medicine, from the way it’s practiced to how patients perceive it. Your own experiences with literature, music, visual arts, and writing can affect your interactions with patients every day. This program will explore the core human values that make a successful, emotionally satisfied physician. It will explore medicine as a topic area in films and current events which shape perception and the humanities, as well as provide the opportunity for participants to develop creative projects reflecting their own experiences and perceptions of the intersection of humanities and medicine.

For more information, including session dates & times, download the program syllabus.

Program Registration Fees
AMSA Student Member $25
Non-Member $49