Advocacy Leadership Course

An Online Learning Community and Course (October 2015 – April 2016)

Program Overview

The Advocacy Leadership course is a six month program designed to to produce future physicians with the skills to become forces of social change! Students will engage in webinars, readings, and discussions that promote knowledge of community engagement, the social mission of medicine, social power structures, community organizing, and advocacy skills. As part of the course, students may be connected with representatives from their local health department or local community organization to begin to develop and carry out a project that is relevant to the needs of the community and feasible for the time frame. Students will also put their advocacy skills into practice by applying them to AMSA campaigns and actions.

A final project is intended to be presented at the AMSA National Convention poster session (with an understanding that the project may be ongoing, in which case progress up to the point of convention and/or project design should be presented).

The course will include committed time for reflection to allow the student to develop a deep understanding of how they will engage with their community as a physician and what advocacy means to them.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a set of advocacy related skills that can be applied to his or her future practice and community involvement
  • Develop an understanding of social power structures and how to challenge them to bring about change
  • Develop an understanding of the social mission of medicine and the importance of community engagement within said mission
  • Develop an appreciation for synergistic collaboration between physicians and community health resources
  • Complete a poster describing his or her project and experience in the course and present this at AMSA National Convention
  • Foster an environment in which students can share their creative, unique ideas surrounding medicine and society

Session Schedule *All sessions will be held at 8PM unless otherwise noted There will be a reflection and discussion session one week after each Skills Session scheduled at the groups discretion.

Date Session Title
10/8/15 Physicians as Agents of Social Change
10/15/15 Skills Session 1:What Are We Trying to Say” Learning Effective Communication
10/29/15 Understanding Societal Power Structures to Promote Change
11/12/15 Skills Session 2:Plan for Change 101: Identify the Players, and How to Sway Them
11/22/15 Special Session–TBD–World AIDS Day
12/10/15 Skills Session : 3 Opinion Matters–Reaching out through Media Channels
1/14/16 Skills Session 4: Meeting with Elected Officials
2/18/16 Synergistic Collaboration–Physicians and Community Actors
TBD Case Study:Prevention Institute (pending)
3/3/16 Reflective Session–How will I become an agent of social change within my practice?

Participant Expectations

Participants must complete all assigned readings, participate in group discussions, and attend all webinars. Scholars will be required to be a part of implementation of a project in conjunction with their local health department that is relevant and meets the need of his or her community as well as to carry out one action related to the skill set acquired over the course of the program (letter to the editor, birddogging, etc). In order to accomplish this each student will partner with a leader within the local health department, which AMSA will facilitate. Participants may also be assigned to work with a mentor within their community through one of AMSA’s partner organizations. This would be a physician identified through the Beyond Flexner Alliance and/or National Physician’s Alliance. Participants are encouraged to attend the 2016 AMSA National Conference, and to present their final project at AMSA’s poster session; however, attending the 2016 National Convention is not mandatory to participate in the program.


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For More Information, Contact

Alison Case, MD, Education and Advocacy Fellow, AMSA

Suhas Kochat, Program Coordinator, Medical Education and Medical Professionalism Coordinator