Kaplan Test Prep Exclusive Partnership

Kaplan Test Prep Exclusive Partnership
AMSA has an exclusive partnership with Kaplan Test Prep. This means that there are certain things other MCAT test prep entities can and cannot do with relation to AMSA chapter activities. AMSA’s long standing relationship with Kaplan Test Prep provides premedical chapters and members with unique benefits that would otherwise not be available. Here’s how you and your chapter benefit from this relationship:

  • Kaplan sends all new AMSA premedical members MCAT flashcards at no charge.
  • AMSA is the only organization to get a 10% stackable discount on Kaplan products.
  • Kaplan provides every AMSA premed member with a FREE Foundations of Biochemistry Self-Paced Course (a $499 value).
  • Kaplan will provide each AMSA Chapter with certificates good for MCAT Advantage Onsite, MCAT Advantage Anywhere, and MCAT on Demand. Course scholarships shall be used for fundraising purposes to benefit the local chapter programs and must be requested from the local Kaplan business developer prior to the auction or raffle and the Chapter must promptly notify him/her of the recipients to activate them.
  • Chapter size is based on National AMSA members only and will be confirmed by the National AMSA Office once per semester.
    • Chapter size 50-100 national members: 2 course certificates
    • Chapter size 101-200 national members: 4 course certificates
    • Chapter size 201-300 national members: 5 course certificates
    • Chapter size 301-500 national members: 6 course certificates
    • Chapter size 501+ national members: 8 course certificates
  • Kaplan will provide a course discount of 50% off the retail tuition price of a comprehensive Kaplan MCAT prep program for members of the executive board of each AMSA chapter with at least 51 national members. Executive Board is defined as President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. It can include Co-Presidents, Co-Vice Presidents, etc. The offer is limited to four officers at each school and does not include other “executive” roles. This offer can not be combined with the 10% stackable discount.
  • In addition, Kaplan provides free webinars, workshops, and other opportunities to AMSA members at no charge.

As you can see, AMSA has a robust partnership with Kaplan Test Prep and we appreciate our chapters honoring this exclusive arrangement. If there are needs you have, please let us know and we will see if we can work with Kaplan Test Prep to further support the work you are doing.