AMSA has partnered with DocCom, an online communication skills program for health care providers

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How it works



Only $25 for one year for AMSA members


Access the one of 40 modules that offer CME.

Earn Certificates

When you score at least 70%, receive a CME Certificate (Proof of Completion)

Improve Your Resume

Put DocCom module completion on your resume for Residency Programs or Medical Schools.

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Why Subscribe to DocCom?

  1. Residency Directors search for great communicators (watch the webinar with a Residency Director)
  2. CS Step 2 with 12 OSCE stations; you’ll need to know best practices in communicating with the standardized patients
  3. Patient Satisfaction Surveys (HCAHPS) are tied to money that the hospitals receive; two communication dimensions drive the scores

How DocCom improves communication skills

Each of the 42 multimedia modules demonstrates fundamental and advanced interactional skills, while providing users with knowledge, skills review and opportunities for reflection.Through interactive videos, physicians demonstrate encounters with patients and provide text and video commentary on the interview. These real-world scenarios challenge learners to develop sensitivity to differing communication styles and difficult situations and improves their ability to respond respectfully and skillfully.

Skills DocCom covers

Modules address a range of communication and relationship-centered topics, ranging from core interviewing skills to advanced competencies. DocCom also covers psychosocial issues such as alcoholism, domestic violence, depression, behavior change and somatization, and professional issues such as mistakes, boundaries, mindfulness, teamwork and self-care.

Free resources

Check out DocCom’s free resources: Healthcare Communication: Effective Techniques for Clinicians (over 50 20+ minute podcast episodes) and 20 webinars

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