AMSA Amnesty Program

Being a chapter officer requires a great deal from you. From leading meetings, to recruiting, to ensuring compliance with national rules and regulations; there is always something to do. This is especially true when it comes to participation and dues. As a chapter officer, it is critical that you understand how AMSA’s membership structure works and how dues relate to that membership.

There have been some misunderstandings at some of our chapters regarding membership. Please review the information below to clarify the specifics of membership with AMSA:

  • Only people who join AMSA at the National level are members of AMSA.  There is no such thing as a “Local Member”.  You cannot “join AMSA” just at the local level.  As a National Association and not a “club,” AMSA requires everyone who participates as an AMSA Member to join at the national level.
  • In order to join AMSA you MUST complete the join form on the website and pay the national dues.
  • Chapters are allowed to charge additional fees such as activity fees, or local chapter dues on top of the $75 national dues, but these funds cannot be charged “instead of” national dues.  Specifically, a student cannot pay the “local dues” amount and not the “national dues” amount.
  • Anyone serving the AMSA chapter in a “titled position” (such as chapter officer, community coordination, philanthropic chair, etc.) MUST be an AMSA member. (Reminder: This means they must have joined at the national level.)  
  • You are allowed to permit non-members to attend and participate in AMSA events, but you must make it clear that this does not make the person a member.

AMSA’s Board of Trustees understands that there have been some miscommunications, and wants to help everyone get on the same page. To that end, they have authorized a “Grace Period” to allow all chapters to get back in compliance. If your chapter has allowed people to join just at the chapter level; you may now register them FOR FREE with AMSA.

If you are an officer at your chapter, download this form. Fill in your chapter’s member information and email the completed form to before March 31, 2018. Anyone not currently a national member will be added to the national rolls as members in good standing.

Please help us to help you get into compliance, so that we can get everyone into the system and move forward as a community.