AMSA Ambassador Program

Recruit and Reward

It’s time for our annual membership drive! Recruit new members and earn extra cash!

AMSA members are the heart and soul of the organization and we need your help to ensure we can continue to provide the incredible programs and benefits that put our members on the path to becoming transformative physicians.     

Invite your friends to join AMSA at a discounted rate and you, or your chapter will receive cash back for every new member who joins.

Once accepted as an AMSA Ambassador, we will send you a form email with detailed information on how your recruits can join AMSA at the discounted rate using your promo code. Simply address the email to as many friends and colleagues you feel could benefit from an AMSA membership and realize the rewards of supporting your organization.

Apply today to receive your recruiting email and code. We’re counting on you – are you up for the challenge?

Terms & Conditions

  • AMSA Ambassadors must be AMSA members.
  • AMSA Ambassadors MUST sign up to recruit new members as a Personal or Chapter Ambassador:
    • Personal Ambassadors will receive $15 per referral
    • Chapter Ambassadors will receive $20 per referral (funds to be used only for chapter support/funding)
  • Each AMSA Ambassador will receive an unique promo code to use.
  • There is no limit to the number of times a promo code can be used.
  • The AMSA Ambassadors promo codes will expire April 15, 2018.  
  • AMSA Ambassadors will receive their rewards no later than April 30, 2018.