ONBOARD Checklist

  • Review your role & responsibilities (above).

  • Get familiar with AMSA’s story, offerings, ecosystem (above).

  • Be sure you’re a member! And if you’ve expired, no biggie! Renew.

  • * In case you haven’t yet, be sure to submit your chapter information through our submission form

  • Request a roster of current members

  • * Experience the Chapter Officer 101 Video Series — short playlist is forthcoming!

  • Get to know how to obtain optimal Chapter Health by checking out the health scale above! (Hint: you win stuff!)

Jack-In Checklist

  • Officer Briefing

  • Follow AMSA National on  InstagramFacebook Twitter

  • Urge your Chapter members to follow the above social media accounts.

  • Join this  Facebook Group  just for Chapter Officers. It’s awesome.

  • Meet your Membership Sherpa

  • Craft your Communications Plan

  • ID your Chapter Advisor

  • Meet the Dean.

BUILD Checklist

  • Secure your Leadership Team + Liaison — let us know who you picked via the fancy form above.

  • Request your list of current chapter members, if you have not already.

  • Add new members! Have them visit this page to join. We’ll get ’em plugged in.

  • Call an initial meeting. And BOOM! You’re off.

ENVISION Checklist

  • Goal-Setting

  • Ideation w/ Team

  • Forge Strategic Plan & Submit it.

  • Determine Fundraising Streams

  • Secure a meeting with Dean or Advisor re: Institutional Partnership

  • Create Project Log

  • Create a plan to attend convention (now scheduled for February 2021).

  • Submit your chapters’ activities to the AMSA National Calendar.

  • Start preparing for recruitment by signing up for your school’s recruitment fair and requesting or downloading recruitment materials here.