What does a Chapter Officer do?

Chapter Officers are the pulmonary system of AMSA:
a mighty force of critical information transmitters, leaders who inspire action,
and the nucleus of AMSA-activity on campuses across the globe.
It is you, impassioned Chapter Officers, that makes AMSA go around.
Yours is a critical role—and a fun, deeply rewarding one.

High Level Roles & Responsibilities

  • Inspire students at your school to join as members of your chapter. 
  • Engage with members, encouraging them to become involved with AMSA (participate in programs, committees, events) and to become part of the AMSA family — the fAMSA.
  • Assign your Chapter Leaders — and be sure to submit to let us know who your right-arm leaders are.
  • Stay abreast of new programs, campaigns, committees and opportunities by checking the What’s On? section, updated monthly.
  • Disseminate news, updates and calls to action in a timely manner to your chapter members via email, social media or text — whatever communication channels work best to engage your members. 
  • Collaborate closely on an ongoing basis with your Membership Liaison—your experienced AMSA-sherpa, guiding you through the year and ready to support your efforts. 
  • Envision and craft a strategic plan for the year: what projects and events will help drive on your goals (more here at step 4) 
  • Attend the annual AMSA Convention (February 2021) — and encourage your members to attend as well. (This isn’t hard—the lineup is typically pretty amazing!)
  • Collaborate with the education and advocacy fellow at the national office and follow up with them periodically to ensure your chapter knows about all available resources   
  • Help identify and recruit the next Chapter Officer when your tenure is up—and participate in the Chapter Officer Briefing to help get them smoothly transitioned once elected.

Speak Fluent AMSA!

You will soon be fluent in All Things AMSA—ready to help serve as a proud representative and leader.

What is AMSA?

AMSA is an independent, student-led, global organization that exists to cultivate, inspire and inform medical students to realize meaningful change in healthcare. Learn more here.

What does AMSA offer?

Think of AMSA as an incubator for your career. It’s where you learn to advocate for issues you feel strongly about; to become a leader; find your medical niche; meet like-minded peers and physicians — things that medical schools may not offer. We make this happen through three core offerings: Advocacy, Education and Networking. Learn more here.

Why Join?

Oh so many reasons. To be part of a truly amazing culture of impassioned game-changers. To network with physicians and influencers. To learn to lead. To survive medical school. Explore our Why AMSA? Page to get the full jist. You can access our full brochure here in PDF, too, for reading and sharing.

AMSA’s rich (and totally impressive) history.

For over seven decades, AMSA has been firmly committed to improving healthcare through inspired, informed advocacy and full-throated activism. The results are nothing short of profound. Check out a few highlights here.

The AMSA Ecosystem

Chapter Health Check

How is your health?

A healthy chapter means that you’re helping to drive on shared goals—that you’re furthering AMSA’s work to make change, influence health care and support your members. 

Throughout the school year, we offer health-checks; assessing the wellness of your chapter, to see how you’re faring, and see how we can help.

(Pssst: there are some pretty sweet perks for staying healthy!)


  • Bam! Your chapter is mobilized and ready for action. It’s got a mighty cadre of chapter leaders assembled and members eager to learn, join and grow. Banded together, an Optimal Health Chapter is poised to be a campus force that peers, faculty and deans will want to watch. Plus, there are some awesome perks.
  • 5 Chapter leaders assigned + submitted (min of 5)
  • 20 Chapter members (min) -- registered via roster submission
  • 1 faculty advisor (min)
  • 2 AMSA-informational meetings (min)
  • Host monthly chapter meetings (virtual or IRL)
  • 2 AMSA events
  • 2 AMSA Workshops (minimum)
  • 1 delegate to Convention (Feb)
  • 5 Chapter members to Convention (Feb)


  • Hey, good-health-chapter, you’re doing alright. You’ve got the key pieces in place, which are your tickets to success. You just may want to increase your membership outreach game. Grow that squad of yours. And maybe consider getting your your members plugged into our programs and events.
  • 5 Chapter leaders assigned + submitted (min of 5)
  • 15 Chapter members (min) -- registered via roster submission
  • 1 faculty advisor (min)
  • 2 AMSA-info sessions (min)
  • Host monthly chapter meetings (virtual or IRL)
  • 1 AMSA event
  • 1 AMSA Workshop (minimum)
  • 1 delegate to Convention (Feb)


  • Here’s the good news. You’ve got a leader and a handful of members. All you need to do now is build on that action. Tap into the What’s On? Page and see what’s happening, connected with a Membership Sherpa to get you some member outreach gear, and soon your health will be on the up and up.
  • 1 Chapter leader assigned + submitted
  • 5 Chapter members (min) -- registered via roster submission


  • You’re a chapter. An AMSA chapter. That means you’re a fighter. You’re committed to doing great things. So, like a phoenix rising from the ashes, you shall revive! Your Membership Sherpa will show you the path to improved health. (And therefore accomplishing amazing things).

ONBOARD Checklist

  • Review your role & responsibilities (above).

  • Get familiar with AMSA’s story, offerings, ecosystem (above).

  • Be sure you’re a member! And if you’ve expired, no biggie! Renew.

  • * In case you haven’t yet, be sure to submit your chapter information through our submission form

  • Request a roster of current members

  • * Experience the Chapter Officer 101 Video Series — short playlist is forthcoming!

  • Get to know how to obtain optimal Chapter Health by checking out the health scale above! (Hint: you win stuff!)