Increasing Awareness & Access to Medication Abortion


AMSA believes abortion is a basic part of health care, and as an organization that has represented future physicians for over 70 years, we believe that science, not politics, should guide abortion provision.

FDA lifts curbs on dispensing abortion pills during pandemic The Hill, 4/12/2021

Read FDA letter to ACOG announcing decision

Today, thanks to science and innovation, nearly 40 percent of abortions are performed through FDA-approved medication abortion that patients take at home. According to the National Academy of Sciences Engineering and Medicine, medication abortion is as safe as “commonly prescribed and over-the-counter medications such as antibiotics and NSAIDs.”

AMSA wants future and practicing physicians to know medication abortion is a safe, low risk and private option for your patients—physicians can provide this option for their patients who need abortion care rather than sending them to other providers.

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