Women’s Advocacy Coordinator

August 21, 2019

Lilliana is in her final semester as an undergraduate at the University of Georgia where she is earning her B.S. in Biology and Applied Mathematics. Following graduation, she will begin working as a Medical Assistant. Her biggest passion lies in women’s health and gynecology, with the ultimate goal of working with Planned Parenthood or in an infertility clinic. In addition, she aspires to earn her M.P.H. in an effort to better advocate for and impact legislation for healthcare access and for women to be treated equally, appropriately, and with autonomy in their healthcare and reproductive decisions. Lilli is also a big proponent of access to sexual education and birth control, especially in communities that face adversity or poverty. This inspired a recent project presented at the 2019 AMSA National Convention that mapped out clinics that offer low-cost healthcare options. She is very excited to serve as Women’s Advocacy Coordinator this year!