Social Media Strategist

August 27, 2019

Nicole currently attends the Medical University of Lublin and dreams of merging Eastern and Western medical practices harmoniously. She was initially introduced to this idea when she interned at the UCLA Center for East-West Medicine and saw firsthand how Medical Doctors, Acupuncturists, and Massage Therapist worked simultaneously together.

As a University of California, Davis graduate with a B.A. in Design and having completed her pre-medical requirements at the University of California, Los Angeles, Nicole’s non-traditional background has given her a unique vision on what type of practitioner she would like to become. She began her AMSA journey four years ago as a Scholar within the AMSA Academy for the Integrative Medicine Scholars Program (IMSP). Nicole served two-years as an IMSP Course Director and received the 2019 James Slayton National Award for Leadership Excellence for her role as the AMSA Academy Chair. During her time as the Academy Chair, Nicole was able to expand the growth of the Scholars Programs and Leadership Courses through positive change, social media outreach, and encouragement. As the new Social Media Taskforce Chair, Nicole hopes to actively engage members by highlighting the amazing opportunities offered through AMSA and showcasing the hard work put in by the AMSA Staff, National Leaders, and Chapter Officers. On her spare time, Nicole likes to listen to music, journal, practice yoga, and play with her tripod Deer Chihuahua, Addie.