Region II

August 12, 2019

Twenty three and a globe trotter, Mrs. Farrukh is a Pakistani-American student aspiring to practice as a pediatric surgeon. Having graduated with high honors from high school, Fiza is the recipient of the Robert Gillespie Reid Memorial Scholarship and the University of Toronto Scholars Program. She has always immersed herself in the healthcare field; she worked and volunteered regularly at the Canadian Blood Services and Janeway Children’s Hospital over the course of several years, and, as of now, strives to increase her volunteerism. She began her medical career directly after high school at the Dow University of Health Sciences (DUHS) in Karachi, Pakistan, and is now a fifth year medical student at Medical University of Silesia (MUS) in Poland. During her third year she became a member and Tutoring Advisor for her local AMSA Chapter and in her fourth, her Chapter’s President. Fiza also worked as Education Lead for the Science Innovation Union’s Katowice Chapter, an Oxford-based non-profit that tries to bridge the gap between academia, industry and governments to build a new generation of bio-entrepreneurs. In the past two years, she has set up a successful tutoring program for international students, personally tutored in physiology and anatomy, and set up many educational and clinical workshops for her fellow students. Now as International Regional Director, she looks forward to becoming a better physician and coordinator whilst learning more about global health and medical administration in order to ultimately provide better access health care to those in rural areas in both her home-countries, USA and Pakistan. She hopes her personal multicultural and academic experience can further AMSA’s advocacy on the international level. Want to talk medicine and life in different parts of world? Don’t hesitate to send her a message with your questions!