Medical Education & Professionalism Policy Coordinator

August 21, 2019

Betzaida Marie Pérez Burgos is a fourth-year pre-medical student at Universidad Central de Bayamón (UCB), Puerto Rico. She is about to finish her major in General Sciences and aspires to become a physician to be able to provide accessible and quality medical services at her island. Her first encounter with AMSA was at another university, but once she arrived at UCB she had the urge to found her local AMSA premedical chapter during Fall 2017 to be able to, not only continue to grow with this organization, but to offer many pre-med students the opportunity of nourishing their bachelor experience through the best organization. Afterwards she served as president of her local chapter during 2017-2018 academic year and as vice-president during 2018-2019. Having the opportunity to found and lead AMSA’s UCB premedical chapter she was able to establish a shadowing program for all AMSA members at a private hospital. In addition, she has been able to: represent the science and health professions department as representative in the academic university council, shadow various doctors, do research in microbiology, organize premed SIM Challenges, coordinate activities with almost all of the Puerto Rico AMSA chapters and volunteer with other students’ organizations at her campus. Another volunteer experience that has impacted and inspired her has been with the American Red Cross after hurricane events, where she has been able to develop professional skills to educate and train others during difficult times. Having the leadership and programming skills, combined with the volunteering experiences, she is more than thrilled to start this new journey with AMSA delivering a medical education and professionalism policy-related programming to AMSA’s membership. Besides studying and doing extracurriculars, she enjoys dancing and spending time with family and friends.