Health Equity Coordinator

August 21, 2019

Courtnie Moodie grew up in Miami, Florida. She is a proud product of the Broward County Public Schools where she graduated with honors from Miramar High School. Following her high school graduation, Courtnie attended the University of Florida where she completed a dual degree in English and Psychology. While at the University of Florida, Courtnie diversified her collegiate experience by volunteering with numerous community organizations, completing research in multiple academic disciplines, teaching English as a Second Language to migrant workers in North Central Florida, as well as teaching civic education to at-risk high-schoolers in North Central Florida, too. Likewise, Courtnie has an extensive background in public policy and has written and contributed to numerous publications regarding public policy within the state of Florida for the Bob Graham Center for Public Service. Courtnie remains an avid grassroots organizer, and zealously serves her community. Upon completing her masters degree, Courtnie hopes to obtain admission into medical school. Ultimately, her goal is specialize in Family Medicine and to complete a fellowship in Community Health.