August 21, 2019

Haya is continuing her national leadership with AMSA for the third year. Before joing AMSA National, she carried on advocacy work at her school, Arizona State University, starting the sophomore year of her undergraduate training. Haya believes that AMSA is the platform through which she can fulfill her aspiration in contributing to equality in healthcare. She believes that equality starts when every individual who possesses the desire to serve the community through medicine has equal access to the resources that prepare them for medical school and residency. Working with premeds for the past two years, she has been trying to extend AMSA’s resources to AMSA members to subdue the disparities mandated by socioeconomic and demographic factors. She hopes that she can continue serving this mission, helping premeds and medical students, through her new role with AMSA. Haya owes a large portion of her transition to medical school to AMSA. She wants to collect as many resources that AMSA offers and combine them in a program designated to help guide the members through the process of applying to medical school and to residency.