Richard Bruno

“I am excited to advise on advocacy projects that involve addressing injustices in our healthcare system or society. I have been involved in many advocacy actions, including press conferences, lectures, rallies, op-Eds, and civil disobedience. Though we may not get formal training in advocacy, being an ally for our patients is part of the charge…

Meron Hirpa

Led mentoring program in medical school for URM undergraduates, started a mentoring program for URM medical students at Johns Hopkins. Worked well when there was a good match between mentee and mentor. Finding time to connect regularly with a busy schedule was challenging….

Alexandra R. Greenberg

I was previously the advocacy and campaigns officer for Universities Allied for Essential Medicines, mentoring 100s of students across the country to advocate for access to medicines at their universities, often within the medical school. I have served as a mentor as well in various capacities during my degrees (MSPH, MS and now MD as…