Chapter Spotlight – May 2015


AMSA chapters across the country are doing amazing things every day. Here at AMSA’s National office, we are constantly impressed with the passion, dedication, and creativity we see in our chapters and their chapter leaders. Chapter Spotlight gives us an opportunity every month to share some of the exceptional work our chapters have been doing recently. Get inspired!

May Spotlight:

Colombia University


Name: Stephanie Hanchuk

Year: Senior

Major: Neuroscience & Behavior

Favorite Medical Term: “Healing – I think the positivity brought about through the healing process in both physical and mental health is incredibly powerful and inspiring.”

Chapter Objective:

To contribute to the welfare of all members, including premedical students, medical students, interns, residents and post-M.D./D.O. trainees.

How did your chapter support this objective?

“At Columbia University, a leading academic institution, the pre-medical chapter of AMSA aims to provide peer support to pre-health students and implement programming to decrease stress and build a positive community. In support of these objectives, we have initiated a peer mentorship program and a pet therapy program during high stress times such as midterms and finals season. Our one-to-one peer mentorship program pairs underclassmen with members of our executive board so that each pre-health student who desires someone to look up to who has completed the path that they have set themselves on has that support system. Additionally, the pet therapy program has provided us means to interact with the campus community as a whole as the dogs that we bring to campus four times a year provide stress relief for the entire Columbia community. We look forward to continuing and expanding upon these programs to further contribute to this objective. ”

As chapter leader(s), what is one thing that your leadership team does that contributes to the success of the chapter as a whole?

“Our leadership team believes in making AMSA everyone’s favorite extracurricular activity on campus. If our executive board members love their commitment to AMSA and show their enthusiasm for the work that they are doing on campus, then all of our general body members will follow their lead. We ensure that each AMSA meeting is not only an opportunity to enact meaningful change within the pre-health community, but also a time for getting to know our classmates better, asking the important questions about medical school in a low pressure environment, and most importantly, feeling that you have a community supporting you along this long and difficult journey to becoming a healthcare professional. Our greatest tool in making our chapter so successful is our bonding events. AMSA holds at least 1 general body wide bonding event each semester and multiple smaller events such as dinners and other outings with the executive board and committees. These bonding events serve to unite our community and promote student engagement.”