Recruitment Materials

Request Your Chapter’s Recruitment Kit
AMSA will provide each chapter with 1 free recruitment kit annually. The kit contains print flyers promoting AMSA, Advocacy and Activism, National events, and National Leaders. The kits are shipped using USPS priority shipping, but don’t delay! Request your chapter’s recruitment kit now before your next AMSA event.

Fall Frenzy Recruitment Competition

As a pilot program this year, AMSA domestic med chapters are being challenged to recruit new members based on a specific chapter goal. Check out your goal and recruitment progress here. Chapters that meet their recruitment goal will receive a gift card for two free night stay at the AMSA Convention hotel in March 2018. Chapters who meet their goal will be contacted via email about the opportunity to claim their prize.

Downloadable Recruitment Materials

AMSA Brochure/Poster
Use the links below to download the Join AMSA Brochure/Poster piece.

AMSA Handout
This one page flyer covers the AMSA basics for 2017-2018 with details on events, advocacy opportunities, and AMSA’s AMP program.

Promote AMSA’s Ad Lib Podcast
Download and share this flyer to encourage your classmates to join the conversation with AMSA’s podcast!


Your Voice’s Impact: Advocacy & Activism Flyer
AMSA continues to be a path for trainees to have a leading voice. Download this flyer to learn more about AMSA advocacy. Click here for the flyer in Spanish.

Downloadable Event Materials
PremedFest Poster
Download and share this flyer to invite your classmates to PremedFest. In partnership with Kaplan Test Prep, PremedFest is a day and a half conference specifically designed to help you get into medical school – focusing on your growth as a student, person, and future physician.

PremedFest Slider
Add this powerpoint slide to your next chapter meeting or a rotating virtual bulletin board.