Chapter Finances & Fundraising

Chapter Rebates
For every new medical and premedical member that joins, their chapter will receive $15 to help support local programming and attendance at AMSA events. Visit the Chapter Rebate FAQ page to learn what it takes to receive the rebate and when/how the payments are distributed. Have questions? Email

Your chapter may obtain their own EIN and set up its own bank account. The chapter will be subject to all laws governing EIN use and comply with the submission of form 990’s and other tax documents as appropriate. Visit the IRS website for additional EIN information.

Fundraising creates a way for people to engage in your chapter and show their support. The results are a way to measure success and reward those members that give of themselves to make the chapter work. Hear from AMSA’s Executive Director Joshua Caulfield, IOM as he shares his expertise on fundraising, finances and nonprofit status.