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FY2019 AMSA Association Budget (May 1, 2018 – April 30, 2019)

Bank of America Credit Card Reconciliation Workspace

Membership Recruitment Campaigns & Ideas for the FY2018 year

Use the Refund Request of Payment Made to AMSA SmartSheet form to request a refund on behalf of a member, vendor, partner, etc.

Staff projects and responsibilities (formerly known as Sand/Pebbles/Stones list)

AMSA Staff Contact List

Use the AMSA Web Updates Trello board to:

– Make a change to any AMSA website. This may include changes to: copy, design or layout, content.
– Create a new web form or modify an existing web form. (All registration forms that collect payment are done on the web with the exception of the membership join form)
– Create a new coupon code or modify an existing coupon code, this includes membership join coupon codes.