AMSA National Fall Conference: A Successful Caribbean Endeavor


For the first time in decades, the American Medical Student Association is holding an event in an international setting.  More than 600 attendees will arrive at the Hotel Caribe in San Juan, Puerto Rico, taking part in a sold-out Fall Conference that marks the beginning of a brand new track of programming focused on residency preparation.

AMSA has a long tradition of providing medical students with necessary tools to move forward in their training journey, but this Fall Conference presents even stronger opportunities.  A full day and a half of insights and discussions with residency program directors, as well as a review of the AMSA self-awareness assessment for medical students, creates an atmosphere of both introspection and investigation.

The Fall Conference also welcomes keynote speakers with background and abilities to inspire medical students: Dr. Raul Garcia, cardiovascular surgeon and founder of the Raul Garcia Rinaldi Foundation, and Dr. Bolivar Arboleda-Osorio, surgeon and director of the HIMA-San Pablo Breast Institute.

One of the highlights of designing events is the chance to work closely with students from host school chapters, and the conference in Puerto Rico is no exception.  AMSA members from the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, and the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine have provided stellar guidance and important introductions to respected speakers.

The weekend of October 15 promises memorable, meaningful experiences to all participants, and AMSA is proud to be able to extend its national presence to the Caribbean.