Applied Match Preparation (AMP) Program

What’s more important than matching into the right residency program?


Even the most seasoned professional can struggle describing themselves, on paper or in person. That’s why AMSA is proud to present the Applied Match Preparation (AMP) program that will help you examine your strengths and challenge areas; prepare the perfect personal statement that reflects your goals; get your interview skills where they need to be …to get you where you want to go.

Check out what AMP can do for you:

AMP’s Personal Statement Polish pairs you with a professional proofreader who will review your completed personal statement for structure and flow. You’ll get feedback about the organization of your statement, word choice, and whether or not the statement is jumping off the page for the reader.

Please note, the Personal Statement Polish service offers “finishing touches” – it does not include a review of content. It is intended for those students who have crafted personal statements that they feel confident about, and are looking for polish beyond traditional spell and grammar check.

Includes: One round of feedback with an expert proofreader.

If you are just beginning to craft your perfect personal statement, the Personal Statement Development service is right for you. Work with a dedicated, professional coach to determine how to set yourself apart and develop a personal statement that connects you with the reader.  Your coach will help you create the foundation based on past experiences, ambitions, intention … or whatever is most pertinent to you.

Includes:  Drafting worksheet to create a skeleton of the personal statement, 2 one hour sessions with a coach, rough draft review (one hour session with the coach), final review (one hour session with the coach).

You only get one chance to make a first impression.  The interview is your chance to demonstrate what sets you apart, get the answers you need, and establish a relationship with everyone you meet.  AMP’s Interview Coaching doesn’t just provide standard tips and tricks – your coach will get to know you, understand the specifics you’re looking for in a program, and work with you via telephone (or even better, a video call) to help you ace the interview.  You’ll then receive written and verbal feedback about your professional image, conversation style, and what needs to be polished, included, or abandoned prior to the big day.  A second mock interview will evaluate how far you’ve come along, what you’ve improved, and what you should consider when it comes time for the real thing.

Includes: Intensive review of your ambitions and background, 2 rounds of mock interviewing and feedback.  Additional fees apply more than 2 rounds are necessary to get you where you need to be.

Are you prepared to discuss your own personality, strengths, and challenges in an objective way? Residency programs place heavy importance on personality, knowing that it is a precursor to behavior. The AMSA self-awareness assessment is rooted in scientific research on personality psychology, and customized to the medical student population. You will be able to discuss your results, whether in an interview or personal statement, knowing that the information you share is a true reflection of how you behave, what you prefer, and how others experience your personality.

Includes: Online assessment, personalized report, online video debrief for results interpretation.

Read what AMP participants had to say:

  • AMSA’s self-assessment tool anchors you … to cultivate the skills of self-awareness, introspection, and reflection that make physician leaders successful.
  • I was asked a lot more questions for this one, as I thought I would be.  They asked me many we had prepared for [in the interview coaching session] … so I’m glad that I was prepared!
  • Just your organizational changes have made such a difference (in my personal statement) … you have helped so much and I appreciate the extra work that you have done.

Additional Self-Assessments

How Ready Are You for the Match?
Take AMSA’s free Self-Assessment: How Ready Are You for the Match? This self-assessment offers insight on pinpointing potential areas of improvement and recognizing strengths when it comes to being ready for the Match.

Interview Readiness
One candidate was asked what was in the trunk of her car. Another had no hardball questions and couldn’t believe how well things went. There’s no way to know what situation will present itself, but there are ways to prepare so you can keep cool. Take this quiz to learn how well your instincts will help during this critical phase of your training journey!


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Please note: AMSA’s Applied Match Preparation (AMP) Program is currently offered to AMSA members. Not a member? Join today!