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 Quality, Affordable Health Care for All

AMSA believes that everyone should have access to quality, affordable health care, and that access to comprehensive health services must be recognized and protected as a basic human right, and supports a publicly and progressively financed, privately delivered federal single payer system of high quality, affordable health care for all persons. In its absence, we support health care reform that expands comprehensive coverage and access for all persons living in the United States.

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AMSA Supports Medicare for All

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The U.S. now spends $3.5 trillion a year on health care, that’s over $10,000 per person per year — We can do better!

Medicare for All would:

  • Guarantee Quality, Equitable, Sustainable, & Affordable Health Care All
  • Relieve employers from the burden of providing health insurance
  • Provide coverage for all regardless of workplace changes
  • Harness our Federal Government’s Negotiating Power to Bring Down Prices
  • Reduce Administrative Waste, Overtreatment & Unnecessary Care
  • Cover All Necessary Medical Care & Expand Coverage to Include Dental, Vision & Long-term Care

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Download AMSA’s Health Care Week of Action – April 2019 – Tool & Resources to Support Medicare for All

Sanders, 14 Senators Introduce Medicare for All

Jayapal, Dingell and more than 100 Co-Sponsors Introduce Medicare For All Act of 2019


Additional Student Resources
These presentations highlight the major points of the primers that AMSA has written about universal health care. All presentations are annotated, so feel free to use these presentations to educate others. Please give full credit to AMSA, especially if you alter the slides.

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The issue of universal health care is complex. AMSA has developed a wide range of reader-friendly materials to help educate you about universal health care.
Why Universal Health Care Is Important
The Case for Universal Health Care
Who Are the Uninsured?

Strategies to Increase Health Care Access

International Health Care Systems

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