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AMSA believes that everyone should have access to quality, affordable health care, and that access to comprehensive health services must be recognized and protected as a basic human right, and supports a publicly and progressively financed, privately delivered federal single payer system of high quality, affordable health care for all persons. In its absence, we support health care reform that expands comprehensive coverage and access for all persons living in the United States.

2020 Health Care for All Week of Action - January 13-17

HCFA WoA focuses on advocating for a government-funded, single-payer healthcare system for all US residents – such as Medicare For All, and to protect gains made through the Affordable Care Act. The week will focus on building support for Medicare For All and expanding Medicaid in all states. 

Watch our video “Maximizing Medicaid Expansion” with Jesse Cross-Call, Senior Policy Analyst at the Center on Budget & Policy Priorities.

Find resources to protect and expand Medicaid in your state in our 2020 Medicaid Expansion Toolkit

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