Every day, 310 people are shot and 100 people are killed due to gun violence. Gun violence is a public health crisis. Together, we can educate and advocate for evidence-based solutions to this epidemic.

Med Students for Gun Safety (MSGS) is a coalition of health professional students from across the United States dedicated to advocating for the end of gun violence in our country. MSGS was launched in August 2018 to answer a need for a stronger health student force in the national effort for gun violence prevention. Since then, we have strengthened and organized our voice in the fight against the gun violence epidemic. Our efforts are focused on:

  1. Promoting responsible gun ownership
  2. Advocating for effective federal violence prevention legislation
  3. Fighting for a better gun safety curriculum in medical education
  4. Increasing public health research on gun violence


Join MSGS Campaign & AMSA members along with allies across the country who are calling on our U.S. Senators to TAKE ACTION to help us address the public health impact of gun violence in the communities we serve by including a $50 million appropriation in the upcoming federal budget to fund the CDC and NIH to research gun violence in America.


During AMSA’s 2020 Advocacy Day, MSGS raised our voices with Congressional offices to advocate for the “Gun Violence Prevention & Community Safety” act (H.R.5717/S.3254). The bill provides a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to the gun violence epidemic. Students met virtually with Congressional offices to advance this critical legislation. Learn more:

In order to enact change, our efforts must be grounded in evidence-based solutions. Therefore, it is imperative to look at the statistics, barriers to research, and legislative hurdles that have been fundamental in the evolution of this public health crisis.

  • Become a Local MSGS Representative
    • MSGS is currently recruiting a representative from each AMSA chapter with whom we can communicate upcoming events, initiatives, and monthly newsletters.
    • If you are interested in bringing MSGS to your school’s AMSA chapter, please contact us at msgs.chair@amsa.org.
    • Also, please fill out this form: MSGS Chapter Interest Form.
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  • Print out our helpful MSGS Flyer to distribute at school club fairs 

For any other questions or inquiries regarding MSGS’s efforts and to learn how to educate and mobilize others at your school, contact the MSGS Chairs.



  • White Coat Pocket Cards
    • Reference these for a more effortless, less intimidating, and more productive conversation with your patients about their gun safety.
  • Advocacy
    • AMSA 2020 Advocacy Day
    • #WearOrange Day
    • National Stand SAFE Day
    • Rally for Gun Violence Research with Former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords
    • Lobbying for improved medical education on the issues of gun violence 
    • Violence Against Women Act

  • 1st Annual Week of Action 
    • When: March 16-20, 2020 
    • What: AMSA chapters will be engaging in a action-packed week focused on advocacy, education, and legislation surrounding the issue of gun violence. 
    • Where: with your help, across the United States! 
    • How: Sign up by contacting the MSGS chairs to get your chapter involved or to start an AMSA chapter!
  • Lobbying for improved medical education on the issues of gun violence 
  • Advocating for protection for survivors of intimate partner violence
    • National Coalition Against Domestic Violence 
    • Support of the Violence Against Women Act
  • March 2020 Week of Action
    • When: March 16-20, 2020 
    • What: each day will be focused on advocacy, education, and legislation surrounding the issue of gun violence (details TBD)
    • Where: with your help, across the United States!  
    • Help us plan: join our Steering Committee, or join the effort by being a part of the MSGS campaign! Contact the MSGS Chairs for more information.
  • AMSA’s 2020 National Convention and Exposition 
    • When: April 16-19 
    • Where: Washington, D.C.
    • What: hear from fellow AMSA members about their projects and work! 
      • Stop by MSGS’s table to hear more about us 
      • Sign up for Advocacy Day  – train to meet with legislators and congressional aides, and then visit your elected officials’ offices! 
      • Gun violence prevention will be one of the major topics this year.