Med Students for Gun Safety

Every day, 96 people are killed by guns. Gun violence is a public health crisis. Together, we can educate and advocate for evidence-based solutions.

The Med Students for Gun Safety (MSGS) Campaign is a group of health professional students dedicated to advocating for responsible gun ownership and effective federal violence prevention legislation to improve public health. MSGS was recently launched in August 2018 to create a stronger health student force in the national effort for gun violence prevention. The MSGS campaign has already begun to coordinate efforts around the country to end this epidemic. Join us!

Review the resources on this webpage to learn more about the epidemic of gun violence. It is important to look at the statistics, barriers to research and legislative hurdles to truly understand the evolution of this public health crisis.

Contact the MSGS Chairs to learn how to educate and mobilize others around this issue at your school.

  • Join your local AMSA chapter and connect with other organizations at your institution that are focusing on this issue
  • Become an MSGS representative in your local chapter
  • Apply to join the MSGS Steering Committee
  • Plan educational events related to gun violence prevention

On national Stand SAFE Day, September 17, 2018, all of AMSA stood with our partner, Scrubs Addressing the Firearm Epidemic (SAFE). We wore custom SAFE scrubs, attended educational events, and stood together in solidarity.

Come to AMSA’s Annual Convention and Exposition to hear from fellow AMSA members about their projects and work! Stop by MSGS’s table to hear a bit more about the campaign. Also sign up for Advocacy Day to train to meet with legislators and Congressional aides, and then visit your elected officials’ offices! Gun violence prevention is one of the major topics of Advocacy Day 2019.