AIDS Advocacy Network Platform

8000 people die every day of AIDS.
Using treatment as prevention, we can end the epidemic. Let’s work together to fight this global crisis.

The AIDS pandemic is the health crisis of our generation. The AAN exists to address the social injustice and health disparities that fuel the spread of HIV and we will use the following platform to break down the barriers that prevent health as a human right.

Equity in Access

Inequality continues to remain a barrier to improving the health of HIV patients around the world. From the disproportionate supply and demand of health workers around the world to fight AIDS and support public health to the unequal distribution of HIV medications, the lack of equitable access to healthcare for HIV patients is a critical problem.

Access to Essential Medications

Activism has made significant strides to increase the affordability of life saving medications in developing countries. Yet the reality remains that many governments continue to struggle to provide the medications their patients require. Exorbitant prices, lack of pediatric formulations, and a scarcity of generic production are factors that impede equitable access. Furthermore, many current trade regulations handcuff developing nations attempting to battle this devastating disease. The AAN in conjunction with the Student Global AIDS Campaign, Universities Allied for Essential Medicines and other organizations, mandate increased affordable access to essential medications around the world. The AAN continues to pressure pharmaceutical companies to provide affordable medicines to developing countries and lobbies to ensure that international trade regulations afford the right to do so.

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