The Fast and Easy

Petitions are a quick way to raise awareness on an issue in which other writing campaigns are too difficult to organize. Letter-writing campaigns are more effective, but if you cannot get one organized, a petition drive is better than nothing.

To organize a petition drive, pick a topic or bill that you would like to consider. Educate yourself on the issue and develop a list of the more important points. You have to be very concise. Develop a few soundbites to convey the importance of your topic. If you are drafting a paper petition, hang it in a high-traffic spot or pass it around at a large meeting. If you are preparing an electronic petition than can be e-signed, use free software like that found


  1. Gather signatures to let your political representatives, dean, or other school or community leaders, know that constituents are aware and care about an issue.
  2. Raise awareness on your issue. People who sign your petition may not have known about the topic that you presented.
  3. Initiate further action to help promote the issue. You may inspire someone to bring in a speaker to talk about a topic or to organize another activity on that particular issue.