Electives in LGBT Health

  • Callen Lorde Community Health Center 
    New York City’s only primary health care center dedicated to meeting the health care needs of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) communities and people living with HIV/AIDS — regardless of any patient’s ability to pay. Medical students can do 2-4 week long electives in “LGBT Health” (for students at schools where this might not be acceptable, the elective can be titled “Urban Health.”) Callen Lorde offers specific clinics for different populations, including MSM and transmen, among others. The staff is willing to assist students in tailoring the elective to individual interests.
  • Lyon-Martin Health ServicesLyon-Martin Health Services is the only free-standing community clinic in California with a specific emphasis on lesbian/bisexual women and transgender health care. Founded in 1979 by a group of medical providers and health activists, Lyon-Martin bridges the gap in sensitive health services available to low-income, uninsured women (primarily lesbians and bisexual women) and transgender people, who have often tended to go longer without routine care because of the difficulty in finding culturally sensitive health providers.Elective in Transgender Medicine Description | Application
  • Trinidad Reproductive HealthcareDr. Bowers is an experienced Obstetrician/Gynecologist located in rural Colorado who sees all types of patients, but specializes in Sex Reassignment Surgery. She has been featured on the television show “Sex Change Hospital”, the Tyra Banks show, and others. She accepts medical students and PA students that would like to learn more about transgender surgery. The majority of her surgeries are MTF SRS, but she also performs hysterectomies, metoidioplasties, tracheal shaves, and breast augmentations.
  • Gender Management Services (GeMS) ClinicThe Gender Management Service (GeMS) Clinic at Children’s Hospital Boston is a new multidisciplinary clinic that treats the medical and psychosocial issues of infants, children, adolescents and young adults with disorders of sexual differentiation (DSDs). Many of the patients face medical issues that may make it difficult to determine their sex and may interfere with sexual and reproductive function. Therefore, the clinic works closely with patients and their families to find the treatment that works best for everyone involved. The clinic is also the first major program in the United States that not only treats disorders of sexual differentiation, but also works with transgendered children and young adults.