EQUIP Medical Supply Donations

What is EQUIP?

EQUIP is an international effort led by students to address medical surplus. Formed on the principles of 3 E’s: Environmental benefit, global health Equity and cost-Effectiveness, EQUIP is a program where open, unused medical and surgical supplies from the U.S. are donated to clinical facilities in developing countries. Led by AMSA, EQUIP is a transnational project for IFMSA’s Standing Committee on Public Health.

EQUIP’s Goal, Method & Outcomes

Why is EQUIP important?

Everyday, some clinic in a developing country is unable to deliver proper medical care secondary to lack of medical instruments or equipment. Meanwhile, hospitals in the U.S. produce significant volumes of medical supply “waste” through

  1. The removal of materials (that are never used) from their sterile packages
  2. Inventory surplus

These perfectly re-usable materials can be collected locally and redistributed globally. Furthermore, running a medical recovery program will actually save hospitals money from reduced regulated waste disposal.

Why partner with REMEDY?

REMEDY (Recovered Medical Equipment for the Developing World) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization with years of experience actively promoting the recovery of unused medical supplies for the purpose of global aid, waste reduction and cost-effectiveness. REMEDY has developed a sustainable model of equipment recovery that can be applied to the normal operating room procedures of any hospital.

REMEDY operates through the distribution of a teaching packet. To request a teaching packet, email ifmsaNPO@gmail.com.

What can YOU do?

As physicians in training, you have direct contact with medical equipment, supplies and the people that use and discard them. Get involved with EQUIP!

  1. Find out if your local hospital already has a recovery program.
    • If there IS a program,
      • Update our national database. Email ifmsaNPO@gmail.com about your program.
      • Volunteer to sort materials at your local site.
      • Conduct research through a utilization study. For an example, click here. Email ifmsaNPO@gmail.com if interested.
    • If there is NOT a program,
      • Update our national database. Email ifmsaNPO@gmail.com to let us know that your site does not currently have a program.
      • Request a teaching packet from ifmsaNPO@gmail.comto start your own program. If it’s too hard to start a full program, consider a REMEDY lite program that focuses on one or a few easy supplies like gloves and gowns.
  2. Find out who is in charge of surplus inventory at your local hospital.
    • Encourage them to join Med-Eq (the “eBay” of charitable surplus medical supplies) so that a receiving charity can make use of those materials. For more information on Med-Eq, click here.
  3. Take supplies for clinics abroad if you or your friends are traveling through an International Exchange or another program.
    • Ask the clinic what supplies they need. Acquire supplies from your hospital, REMEDY, Med-Eq or a similar NGO. Inquire about customs requirements and shipping costs. If you have questions, email REMEDY@yale.edu.
  4. Fund-raise at your school to support the services that REMEDY offers.
  5. Be waste conscious and spread the word at your school and in your community.
    • You have the opportunity to explain to your superiors the importance of recycling. Let them know that recovery programs work. Recruit people to help you advocate for and implement change.
  6. Write to your local press about medical surplus and what can be done.

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