Advocating effectively for yourself as a student, for your future patients, and for your communities can seem like an impossible undertaking. There’s so much in the world that needs change, and it can be hard to know where to start. We’re kicking off a The AMSA Activism Update this year led by our 2020 AMSA-KP Education and Advocacy Fellow, Mattie Renn, with the support of our leaders across all of the various AMSA Action Committees and Campaigns. Join us for panels, Q&As, and just enlightening discussion around the topics that AMSA is working on this year—at the intersection of medical education reform, civic engagement, COVID-19, and health justice, equity and access.

We’re hosting prestigious speakers with a wide variety of expertise in order to bring you the information that you need to be an effective advocate and activist. See past sessions below, and sign up for updates to receive notice of upcoming discussions.

The Next Update

Join us at our next Activism Update on Wednesday, April 28 at 5pm ET, co-hosted by AMSA’s Health Policy Action Committee, the Coalition to Transform Advanced Care, and Respecting Choices, for a discussion about Advance Care Planning: Current State and Future Potential. Our Health Policy Chair, Courtnie Moodie, will lead our conversation with Dr. Carole Montgomery about the reality of advance care planning and what future physicians can do to prepare themselves for these important conversations.

Dr. Carole Montgomery is executive medical director and a Senior Faculty Consultant with Respecting Choices. She is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician with over 20 years’ experience practicing hospital-based and post-acute medicine and another 8 years in executive leadership positions.

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