Vice President for Membership

Isaiah Cochran

Isaiah has been a part of the American Medical Student Association for seven years now. He has been a member of AMSA since his freshman year of college. He is now a third-year medical student at Wright State University Boonshoft School of Medicine. He has served as a national leader in AMSA for five of the seven years he has been a part of AMSA. For three of those years, including this upcoming year he has served on the Board of Trustees.

Isaiah’s goal for AMSA this year is to engage as many medical students as he can throughout the country, to bring them to the organization. In his eyes AMSA is the reason why he has made it this far in his pursuit of his medical education. He believes that AMSA truly does empower student physicians to help their patients in the clinic and to be activist for them outside of the clinic.

Isaiah has many academic interests–having completed DNA research and clinical neuroscience research at Yale and Harvard–and he feels that his work with AMSA is one of the main reasons he obtained these fellowships. He also wants to pursue a career in global health. Isaiah served as Global Health Chair for AMSA during his first year of medical school at Boonshoft. During the summer after his first year of medical school he went to Peru and worked along side six other Boonshoft students. They worked with Peruvian medical professionals in Iquitos and along the Peruvian Amazon River Basin, delivering basic health care to Peruvian citizens. Isaiah is quick to point out that it was more a learning experience for himself, and that he hopes to go back one day when he is equipped with more medical knowledge so he can really help the citizens of Peru. Isaiah was able to do this, by working with The People of Peru Project, an organization that ensures the people in Iquitos and along the Amazon River Basin receive longitudinal healthcare.

Some of Isaiah’s interests outside of medicine include staying fit, playing tennis, watching many sports, playing piano, and spending time with his family and friends!