AMSA Academy Leadership

Izzy Pines

Izzy Pines is a 5th year pre-doctoral teaching fellow and osteopathic medical student at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona, CA. After growing up in Gilbert, Arizona, Izzy earned her Bachelor of Science in human development at Cornell University and then a Master of Science in epidemiology and biostatistics at Northwestern University. While working in Chicago after her master’s, she volunteered as an ESL tutor which sparked her passion for teaching. Medical school furthered that passion and led to her seeking out the teaching fellowship at Western University of Health Sciences. Over the past two years as a teaching fellow her passion for teaching has blossomed into a career focused on academic medicine.

Izzy was introduced to the AMSA Academy through the Advocacy Leadership Course. The program showed her not only how to be an advocate and leader, but also how to inspire those around her to also be advocates and leaders. Izzy feels the topics covered by the AMSA Academy will help develop future medical professionals that are well-rounded, astute, empathic individuals. The position of AMSA Academy chair is a perfect intersection of her personal and professional aspirations. Her goal as the new Academy chair is to increase the visibility of and participation in of the AMSA Scholars Programs and the AMSA Leadership Courses.

Izzy enjoys hanging out with her cat, Rosco, exploring new cities through food and photography, and being outside as much as possible.