How AMSA Works

A Current of Change-making.

Over the last seven decades, we’ve seen the impact that the collective voice of future physicians can bring — powering movements, improving legislation and influencing meaningful change. With roughly 30,000 members all around the globe, how does this happen?

We think of AMSA as an electric current. One that grows stronger with every voice that is added — a current that is open, inspired and student-driven. 

  • At our nucleus sits AMSA National in DC — where our leadership, staff and board work to guide the organization strategically forward. This is where programs, campaigns and initiatives are ignited — frameworks, resources and tools ready for our members to participate in and activate on.
  • It is the local AMSA Chapters — the AMSA satellites on medical school campuses across the country and globe — where the energy begins to surge. With every new member that joins, with every new voice that is added, our programs start to pulse with potential and possibility. This is where the magic happens.
  • It is the role of our Membership Leaders to channel this energy, serving as conduits of idea-sharing across our network, from chapters to national and vice versa.

Want to become a National Leader? View our opportunities here.

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