Submit a Resolution

Now accepting resolutions for the 2018 House of Delegates. Submit yours by Dec. 17, 2017.

Are you ready to make a difference? As the only student-led organization for physicians-in-training, AMSA relies on our members to take an active role in our policy-making via the House of Delegates. Whether you want to endorse a certain principle, change an internal structure or even eliminate a past policy, we encourage all members to take the initiative and submit a resolution.

A resolution is a proposed change of AMSA’s policies that is considered by AMSA’s House of Delegates at National Convention.

In the past, chapter representatives would meet at Convention to debate the issues, make the amendments and cast the votes. This year, we are excited to announce that the majority of the resolution process will take place online. In addition to streamlining the process, this change will allow members more time to attend programming during Convention.

Steps to writing your resolution

  1. Read the Resolutions Process for a clear understanding of how AMSA policy is made.
  2. Consult AMSA’s Constitution, Bylaws & Internal Affairs (CBIA) and/or AMSA’s Preamble, Purposes and Principles (PPP) depending on the type of resolution you would like to propose. The CBIA outlines AMSA’s internal structure. The PPP outlines AMSA’s policy positions on a variety of issues.
  3. Draft your resolution, and submit using the button at the top of this page.

Questions? Want help drafting a resolution? Need assistance in identifying coauthors? Email AMSA’s Vice President for Internal Affairs at After submitting your resolution, you should receive confirmation of receipt within 72 hrs. If you have not received confirmation, please email AMSA’s Vice President for Internal Affairs at