Membership Director Elections

Membership Director Elections

The position of Membership Director (MD) is one of the most vital in national AMSA. Two (2) Membership Directors will serve in each student membership category of AMSA for a total of six (6) directors. Medical Membership Directors (MMD), International Medical Membership Directors (IMD) and Premedical Membership Directors (PMD) are the primary information conduit between local chapters and the National Association. Together MDs act as enthusiasts, troubleshooters and organizers all while serving in the vital role that links the programming leadership with local chapters. Each MD will develop a workplan to build AMSA membership and to strategically engage the local chapters and members in AMSA events and initiatives.

All membership director applicants are asked to upload the following documents:

Apply here by 11:59 PM PT, April 10.

MDs must attend and participate in Building on Foundations as well as next year’s Annual Convention. 

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Two (2) Membership Directors will be elected for each student membership class: Domestic Medical, International Medical and Premedical. Classification will be determined by your current level of education and training.

  • Domestic Medical: 2 Directors (MMD)
  • International Medical: 2 Directors (IMD)
  • Premedical : 2 Directors (PMD)

Qualifications and Requirements for Candidates for MD positions (as proposed for amendment in AMSA’s Internal Affairs, Section 1.C):

Medical Membership Directors, International Trustee, International Medical Membership Directors, Premedical Trustee, Premedical Membership Directors

  1. Medical Membership Directors must be medical student members of the Association and two Membership Directors shall be elected by the medical member constituency.
  2. The International Trustee and International Membership Directors must be international members of the Association. The International Trustee shall be elected by the House of Delegates. Two International Membership Directors shall be elected by the Association’s international constituency.
  3. The Premedical Trustee and two Premedical Membership Directors must be premedical members of the Association and shall be elected by the Association’s premedical constituency.