Membership Directors

Membership Director Position Description

This year is going to be awesome: we’re reimagining AMSA Membership — finding new ways to help us advocate, network and grow. We’re rebuilding the ways we connect local chapters with national opportunities; streamlining collaborations from AMSA National to all leaders and members; and discovering new means to support and celebrate Membership Leaders’ work. The way we see it: Membership is the energy source that powers all that we do at AMSA — the source that all members can plug their lights into. It is the source for change.

This is where our Membership Directors come in. We’re seeking believers in the AMSA community; leaders looking to help spark chapter activism; ideators willing to help us pilot new programs and serve as influencers to our entire member body.

This is our time to rebuild, reimagine and grow. Will you join us?

Membership Directors are organizers, problem-solvers and overseers of chapters and chapter officers, helping our chapter-satellites activate on change. At a high level, they serve to:

  • Nurture, mentor and grow chapters.
    • Inspire, guide and mentor a segment of Chapter Officers (COs)
    • Craft work plans, a strategy for their chapters to grow and evolve
    • Oversee progress of their chapters in ongoing fashion, offer direction, ideas to meet goals.
  • Match chapters w. relevant opportunities
    • Collaborate with National Leaders + staff to funnel timely opportunities to Chapters/COs
    • Help identify interest areas for each chapter + pair them with right Action Committee, program, campaign, etc.
  • Collaborate closely with AMSA National Trustees
    • Funnel chapter news, successes, ideas and challenges to Trustees
    • Report on strategic work plans and initiatives

Benefits to you

  • CV Recognition as a leader of a recognized, global association
  • Leadership experience — directing an institutional overhaul of a global association (the metrics should be good!)
  • Rewards and incentives for reaching goals
  • Opportunities to network with AMSA’s community of experts, influencers and alumni
  • The ability to impact change in health care as critical part of our collective, AMSA force.

Deadline to apply is Feb 13.

View Full Description of Duties

Two (2) Membership Directors will be elected for each student membership class: Domestic Medical, International Medical and Premedical. Classification will be determined by your current level of education and training.

  • Domestic Medical: 2 Directors (MMD)
  • International Medical: 2 Directors (IMD)
  • Premedical : 2 Directors (PMD)

Qualifications and Requirements for Candidates for MD positions (as proposed for amendment in AMSA’s Internal Affairs, Section 1.C):

Medical Membership Directors, International Trustee, International Medical Membership Directors, Premedical Trustee, Premedical Membership Directors

  1. Medical Membership Directors must be medical student members of the Association and two Membership Directors shall be elected by the medical member constituency.
  2. The International Trustee and International Membership Directors must be international members of the Association. The International Trustee shall be elected by the House of Delegates. Two International Membership Directors shall be elected by the Association’s international constituency.
  3. The Premedical Trustee and two Premedical Membership Directors must be premedical members of the Association and shall be elected by the Association’s premedical constituency.