Action Committee Chair Elections

All applicants are asked to upload the following documents:

Each action committee (AC) chair is responsible for directing the activities of his/her committee and overseeing the work of the committee coordinators. Each of the ACs will select project coordinators following the annual convention to work on specific projects deemed important by that AC. Committees have applications which candidates should complete in advance or at convention.

Action Committee & Team Chair Position Descriptions

Medical Education Team Chair – Position Description

Community & Public Health Chair – Position Description

Health Policy Team Chair – Position Description

Global Health Chair – Position Description

Race, Ethnicity & Culture in Health Chair – Position Description

Gender & Sexuality Chair – Position Description

Wellness and Student Life Chair  – Position Description

Professionalism and Ethics Chair – Position Description

Professional Development Team Chair – Position Description

AMSA Academy Chair – Position Description


Qualifications and Requirements for Candidates for Action Committee Chair positions (per AMSA’s Internal Affairs Section 1.E):

Medical, premedical, and international student members of the Association shall be eligible for election to Action Committee Chair positions.