Action Committee Chair Elections

AMSA’s Action Committees represent areas the Association feels all physicians-in-training should value as vital in becoming a socially responsible physician and healer. They promote their particular areas of interest and associated projects to AMSA members on national, regional and local levels and are integral in helping AMSA maintain its dynamic view of medicine amidst tremendous and rapid change.

The Chair of each Action Committee is responsible for directing the activities of their committee and overseeing the work of the committee coordinators. Each of the Chairs will select project coordinators following the Annual Convention to work on specific projects deemed important by that Action Committee. All Chair applicants are asked to upload the following documents:

2019-2020 Action Committee Chair Candidates

Medical Education Team Chair – Sujay Ratna
Medical Education Team Chair – Ramneek Hoonjan
Medical Education Team Chair – Britney M.D. Howard
Community & Public Health Chair – Sujay Ratna
Community & Public Health Chair – Michael Fahmy
Health Policy Team Chair – Benjamin Duong
Health Policy Team Chair – Sujay Ratna
Health Policy Team Chair – Ashley Barker
Health Policy Team Chair – Ashi Arora
Health Policy Team Chair – Nicole Lin
Global Health Chair – Amber Tran
Global Health Chair – Elianny Lantigua
Global Health Chair – Sujay Ratna
Global Health Chair – Hanna Choi
Global Health Chair – Ann Pongsakul
Global Health Chair – Ashley Barker
Global Health Chair – Angela Lee
Race, Ethnicity & Culture in Health Chair – Sujay Ratna
Race, Ethnicity & Culture in Health Chair – Betzaida M. Perez Burgos
Race, Ethnicity & Culture in Health Chair – Marium Raza
Gender & Sexuality Chair – Roxanna Orozco Stapleton
Wellness and Student Life Chair – Sujay Ratna
Wellness and Student Life Chair – Ashley Barker
Wellness and Student Life Chair – Haya Al-Any
Professionalism and Ethics Chair – Sujay Ratna
Professional Development Team Chair – Sujay Ratna
Professional Development Team Chair – Haya Al-Any
AMSA Academy Chair – Sujay Ratna
AMSA Academy Chair – Jayant Bhandari

Available 2019-2020 Action Committee & Team Chair Positions:

Chair, AMSA Academy – Position Description

Chair, Community and Public Health – Position Description

Chair, Gender and Sexuality – Position Description

Chair, Global Health – Position Description

Chair, Health Policy Team –Position Description

Chair, Medical Education Team Position Description

Chair, Professionalism and Ethics Position Description

Chair, Professional Development Team – Position Description

Chair, Race, Ethnicity and Culture in Health Position Description

Chair, Wellness and Student LifePosition Description


Qualifications and Requirements for Candidates for Action Committee Chair positions (per AMSA’s Internal Affairs Section 1.E):

Medical, premedical, and international student members of the Association shall be eligible for election to Action Committee Chair positions.