AMSA's Local Chapter Project Directory

Project title AIMU AMSA Movie Night ! " Roll out the Red Carpet"
Project type(s) Fundraiser,Social Event
Date completed 05/2009
Chapter American International Medical University
Project Coordinator Supriya Venigalla
Summary of project The school AMSA chapter organized a movie night as a fundraiser .Custom made creative invites and 'cinema hall' was improvised at one the classroooms.So called 'red carpet' entrance and ofcourse lots of popcorn and creativity made our evening a success --food was also sold ---and we raked greenbacks!

Content area N/A
Number of participants 55
Participant hours involved 5 hour(s)
Coordinator roles The AMSA chapter officers team was delegated roles : in-charge of invites, posters ,theme set up etc.
Coordinator hours 15 hour(s)
Total project cost US $ 25
Project funding Local chapter funds
Funding breakdown of sources and/or donations: chapter officer contributions .
Project advertising A creative 'mosaic' poster was made and posted on school main noticeboard and it get noticed ! Also fliers were made and posted in each classroom . Word of the movie night spread easily through campus .
Success rating
(1 = unsuccesful, 5 = very successful)
Lessons/suggestions Try a fun event alongside ;for instance lucky cinema goer draw and give away a prize --maybe tickets for two! We also had a dance party at the end of the movie . Procure a good DVD print of the movie in advance --else offer the audience a choice of movi

Comments Plan and organize ahead to reap the best of it .