AMSA's Local Chapter Project Directory

Project title Health for All: Walk-a-thon and Health Fair
Project type(s) Community Service
Date completed 04/2008
Chapter University of Sint Eustatius SOM
Project Coordinator Marian Heningburg
Summary of project We combined a Walk-a-thon and Health Fair. The goal of this project was to raise diabetes awareness in the community and provide a health fair in conjunction with a Walk-a-thon. Volunteers checked blood pressures and glucose at the Health fair. Granola bars and oranges were donated for health fair participants that may have had low glucose and to walkers for refreshment. Refreshments were donated by the University of Sint Eustatius SANKOFA Organization. Several Organizations in the community of Sint Eustatius participated in the Health Fair. Those organizations set up booths and provided "health information". Some of the organizations that participated included: Sint Eustatius Diabetes and Hypertension Foundation, Red Cross, Aids Foundation, STENAPA, Animal Welfare, and University of Sint Eustatius Dive Club.

Content area Community and Public Health
Number of participants 20
Participant hours involved 80 hour(s)
Coordinator roles
Coordinator hours hour(s)
Total project cost 1160
Project funding Local chapter funds,Medical school funds,AMSA grant,Donation,Admission/participant charge
Funding breakdown of sources and/or donations:
Project advertising The project was advertised on the radio, the television and in the newspaper. We also made posters and put them up in the community at restaurants, grocery stores and mini shoppettes.
Success rating
(1 = unsuccesful, 5 = very successful)
Lessons/suggestions We had radio, television and newspaper advertising but I would encourage word of mouth as well.