AMSA's Local Chapter Project Directory

Project title KC Rally for Darfur
Project type(s) Community Service,Speaker,Other
Date completed 04/2007
Chapter University of Missouri - Kansas City SOM
Project Coordinator Farheen Qurashi, LegRep
Summary of project Rally in high-traffic park area in Kansas City, MO as part of the Global Days for Darfur to educate the public, attract media attention, and urge legislators to act immediately for the end of genocide.

Content area Human Rights
Number of participants 30+
Participant hours involved 30 hour(s)
Coordinator roles
Coordinator hours hour(s)
Total project cost $130
Project funding Local chapter funds,Donation
Funding breakdown of sources and/or donations:
Project advertising We put up flyers all over our school, contacted other area universities, put up flyers everywhere (coffee shops, etc.). Sent out emails to schools, etc. Posted on STAND & website, as well as facebook. Online posting was the most effective,
Success rating
(1 = unsuccesful, 5 = very successful)
Lessons/suggestions 1) Plan a rain date! It rained today at the beginning but we continued and eventually it let up...we got lucky! 2) ADVERTISE. Publicity is super-important. 3) Use your resources (STAND officials really helped me out with getting media attention, a previou

Comments First of all, plan at least a month in advance, and make sure you have someone to help you with news releases, etc. if you don't know how to do that -- it's important they look professional, and that you have time to advertise. Check with your city if you