AMSA's Local Chapter Project Directory

Project title A Closer Walk Film Viewing & Letter Writing Campaign
Project type(s) Other
Date completed 12/2006
Chapter Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center SOM
Project Coordinator Mary Sullivan/Sophia Tcheung
Summary of project On November 30th, AMSA and the International Medicine Club hosted a viewing of A Closer Walk at an apartment clubhouse where we also provided dinner. Afterwards, we discussed the movie and what we can possibly do to help with HIV/AIDS while still in medical school. We had about 20 people and our club sponsor show up for the movie viewing. Earlier that day, we had table in the school where students could write letters to the president, senators, and congressmen. We provided sample letters along with information from the UN & WHO so students could include some statistics in their letters. At the viewing, we also had the letter writing materials and throughout the next week of class, a few students had materials so fellow classmates could write letters.

Content area HIV/AIDS
Number of participants 45
Participant hours involved 100 hour(s)
Coordinator roles
Coordinator hours hour(s)
Total project cost 200
Project funding Medical school funds
Funding breakdown of sources and/or donations:
Project advertising Emails - yes, I received emails from classmates asking me to change the date of the viewing and I have had requests now to borrow the DVD
Success rating
(1 = unsuccesful, 5 = very successful)
Lessons/suggestions The day that we decided to view the movie, it snowed in Lubbock, and a lot of people didn't want to drive in the snow. We thought about changing the day for the movie, but we had already ordered the food and couldn't cancel it.