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Project title Lobby Day in Sante Fe: Health Coverage for All New Mexicans Committee public hearing
Project type(s) Other
Date completed 09/2006
Chapter University of New Mexico SOM
Project Coordinator Jonas Hines
Summary of project We organized and coordinated with several other student groups (FMIG, AAMM, and AMA) a lobby day in Sante Fe at a public input meeting for a committee that has been given the task of selecting several health finance models to cost out in an analysis. This is the committee we lobbied for to be created last year and a continuation of that effort. We met with all the groups and decided the main points we wanted to get across. We then each took one or two and wrote a short speech. Then we went up to Sante Fe that week and all testified as to our points (Healthcare for all, equity and justice in healthcare, portability, paradigm shift to prevention, and financial savings of having everybody in!).

Content area Universal Healthcare
Number of participants 16
Participant hours involved 100 hour(s)
Coordinator roles
Coordinator hours hour(s)
Total project cost 120
Project funding Local chapter funds
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Lessons/suggestions We totally rocked the hearing. We had the largest contingent and the most impact (we showed up a little late, which was very dramatic). We got lots of congrats from many different people (some on the committee). I have since received several emails tel

Comments Be passionate.