AMSA's Local Chapter Project Directory

Project title Annual AMSA Instrument Sale
Project type(s) Fundraiser
Date completed 09/2006
Chapter University of Toledo COM
Project Coordinator T. Morrison-Mckell, C. Bernhard
Summary of project A representative from The Medical Store provided students the opportunity to purchase required equipment without shipping costs. Sale was from 10am to 3pm in the lobby of the med school. An additional 3 representatives were present included one for Welch Allyn and Littman. Students who signed up for the product presentations had lunch provided for them.

Content area Fundraising
Number of participants 100
Participant hours involved 40 hour(s)
Coordinator roles
Coordinator hours hour(s)
Total project cost $135
Project funding Donation
Funding breakdown of sources and/or donations:
Project advertising Verbal announcements, group emails to all schools on the health science campus. Announcements on the school website. Flyers to med students. It worked.
Success rating
(1 = unsuccesful, 5 = very successful)
Lessons/suggestions Involve other colleges. The PA students are required to have large amounts of equipment. We disseminated information to them in conjunction with one of their lectures on medical equipment. For advertising purposes, for the start of the sale, know if the representative means he will be ready to sell by that time, or if he will arrive and need to set-up.

Comments Approximately 100 people purchased equipment. Many more picked up pricing sheets, and since the sale was very visible in the school lobby, it provided an excellent opportunity for continuing AMSA recruitment.