AMSA's Local Chapter Project Directory

Project title World AIDS Day
Project type(s) Fundraiser
Date completed 12/2007
Chapter Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center SOM
Project Coordinator Allison Walker, Bhavik Kumar
Summary of project On Thursday night prior to World AIDS Day we held a vigil in which we watched A Closer Walk and facilitated discussion concerning AIDS and global health. This was in coordination with multiple student groups. On World AIDS Day we set up a display in our Health Science Center lobby in which we presented information concerning the epidemic, disease itself, and the Global Health Fund. We presented the suggested "empty white coats" and encouraged letter writing concerning the health care shortage and funding. Also we took donations for red ribbons and baked goods resulting in a $100 donation to The Global Fund. During the day we had a group of almost 20 students/ professors that wore red t-shirts with numbers on them. The number was representative of statistics concerning the HIV/AIDS epidemic and classmates were encouraged to ask about the statistics. Also our AMSA officers arranged for a speaker from a local agency to discuss HIV/AIDS outreach projects in our community.

Content area HIV/AIDS
Number of participants 20
Participant hours involved 90 hour(s)
Coordinator roles
Coordinator hours hour(s)
Total project cost $100
Project funding Local chapter funds
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Lessons/suggestions It was the first project Bhavik & I had planned for our school. Next year we plan on spending more time planning a larger scale event and larger display to attract more attention. Also, weather did not cooperate and so not as many students were at school