AMSA's Local Chapter Project Directory

Project title Care-package Project for 2nd years (pre-boards)
Project type(s) Fundraiser,School Service
Date completed 05/2009
Chapter University of Kansas SOM
Project Coordinator All officers
Summary of project Care-Package fundraiser (process started in late March (March 29th) by contacting MS2s and soliciting their loved ones’ addresses if they wished to receive a care-package). Volunteers shared their parents contact addresses via google documents. Letters were mailed to loved ones’ 10 days after M2s were notified of care-package project. Letters were mailed to parents on April 9th and due back from them by April 27th and care-packages assembled weekend of May 1st 2009. MS1s also bought care-packages for their big-sibs or other MS2 friends.

This was an effort on our part to attempt the care-package fundraiser, which had been done in the past -- about 4 years ago-- when the medical school had the "traditional curriculum" and carepackages could be sold prior to finals week. Since as of three years ago, the medical school has changed to an organ-system based curriculum, each exam is once a month and does not "feel like a final" enough for us to have justified care-packages...the next best thing seemed to be to sell care-packages to second year medical students before they took their boards.

The contents of the care-packages included:

1. Dried fruits 2. Tea 3. Cheez-its 5. Chex-Mix 6. Dried nuts/Raisins 7. Home-baked goods (brownies/chocolate cookies and puppy-chow) 8. Granola bars 9. A personalized note from loved one 10. Macaroni and Cheese 11. AMSA pen 12. Customized Coffee-Mug 13. Beef-Jerky or Soy Jerky (based on order)

* We sent a letter to parents along with an enclosed card/envelope.

**50 cards/envelope sets were ordered from (costs for non-food costs were reimbursed upon request to the Student Government Council). The letters to parents (and first-years on campus were asked in person) to choose whether they wish to give their recipient a customized mug or mouse-pad. **Everyone chose mugs, which made it easy for us to order mugs in bulk. We order 36 mugs in bulk from The cost of the mugs was greater than expected due to the time-crunch (we wanted them mailed to use in about 10 days post-ordering). The delay partially had to do with the fact that we needed permission for logo from AMSA BOT and KUMC's administration. Further, we wanted the mugs here soon enough to assemble the care-packages approximately two weeks before the classes had the exams before ending the school year. Advice for next year would be to order the mugs approximately 4 weeks prior to expected date of care-package assembly.

**Thirty-one AMSA pens that say "PharmFree" were purchased through the AMSA Store, for a reduced price of $1.25 per pen.

** packages were delivered to the second years one morning when most of them were expected to be in class (they had a lunch-time meeting reviewing NBME results from a practice NBME later that day anyway and afternoon activities for which students would have to come to campus). Many students tend to watch pod-casts, that's why this statement is noted here.

EVENT DURATION -- over 1 month (i.e. 720 hours +)

Content area N/A
Number of participants 22
Participant hours involved 720+ hour(s)
Coordinator roles Communication/Advertising! Persistence! Transactions and communication with pertinent parties regarding items to be ordered...and of course, an initial trip to CostCo to estimate costs associated with care-packages, followed by a price determinatino of $2
Coordinator hours 100 hour(s)
Total project cost $400
Project funding School funds,AMSA grant
Funding breakdown of sources and/or donations: $293 was reimbursed by the SGC, but about $100 reimbursement shall be requested via the next Local Project Grant application cycle.
Project advertising E-mail, in-person... Myself and other officers literally carried colored cards (store-bought) or black and white (customized cards that said "Goodluck! KUMC AMSA Chapter" on the front) around with us while at school to give those that expressed interest i
Success rating
(1 = unsuccesful, 5 = very successful)
Lessons/suggestions 22 orders came in and we were pleased with that for this first year...We'd hope for more orders in the future, but we realize that that'd mean more than 3 people would ideally want to work on the brownie-baking process. We happened to have baked brownies

Comments One major problem: one parent's mail was put into the wrong mailbox accidently and therefore we noticed the response/check too late to be able to deliver the care-package to that expected recipient. She was informed about the mishap and the unfortunate ev