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Project title Bookdrive (Better World Books/WorldFund partnership)
Project type(s) Community Service,Fundraiser,School Service
Date completed 04/2008
Chapter University of Kansas SOM
Project Coordinator All COs & Khanh Huynh (treasurer)
Summary of project Year of completion should be 2009 on that (2009 wasn't a choice for me to click on in the drop-down).

Through this book-drive, we chose to support the WorldFund, whose goal it is to support "high-quality and results-driven education in Latin America" ( One of the main reasons we chose to benefit the WorldFund this year is because they are the least-funded and most-in-need organization of the five literacy programs that Better World Books works with.

Mass e-mails were sent to students during the winter break to ensure students would try to bring books from home, and notifications were again sent during spring-breaks to remind students that the drive was ongoing. The drive ran from beginning of second semester in early January (for the school of medicine students) until mid-April. Many of the other schools had about ten-days greater of a winter-break than the medical students.

Bins were placed in four main areas around campus (next to the first & second year medical students' lecture halls, in the library entrance, and in the School of Nursing -- all with the approval of individuals in charge of those specific areas, to ensure that our bins were not thrown away!).

We did have an incident toward the end of the drive where one of our bins (even thoguh it was empty) was trashed by one of the individuals in charge of ensuring recycling bins/news-paper dispensors etc stay along a certain wall and cannot/should not be elsewhere. We made the mistake of making the box seem more visible to the first-year class but it really back-fired upon us!

We had a lot of success with book-donations at most of the locations and only in the beginning had an issue with "too many invalid" items donated (i.e. telephone book, research journals, laboratory manuals, etc, which potentially may all have come from one or a few specific laboratories in that building anyway).

* we made accessible labels for people to use, in case they wanted to designate their student organization and/or class as "the representative donor" (to essentially incentivize more donations we tried making it a 'competition' whereby 1/3 of the earned $1.00 for each viable book was donated to the student org/class/group that gave us the most contribution.

We have thus far been paid $126.00 from BWB for 168 accepted books ($0.75 per book due to an "issue" that has thereafter been resolved ... there was essentially a miscommunication issue on whether or not we could get $1.00 for each pre-screened book, or get $0.50 for each book sent it whether prescreened or not despite the nature of whether or not BWB would directly be able to use it. It turns out the $0.50 per book model would still only have been for each "valid" book, and therefore the pre-screening process is worthwhile.

BWB gave us info about family literacy programs to search for in our state, and actually Kansas did not seem to have one registered with National Center for Family Literacy, but Missouri -- luckily only literally a few blocks from the KUMC campus on the Kansas side of the Kansas City KS/MO border, is not too far away. We did attempt to call and leave messages at a nearby adult family literacy program after being told that the Children's program probably would not accept most of our books (they only accept books for very young children). The final decision was made to donate the books to the Dykes Library (the library associated with the Medical Center), largely in part due to the fact that many of the books were health-care specific by the nature of the donors' professional/academic interests.

Content area N/A
Number of participants 7-8
Participant hours involved 50 hour(s)
Coordinator roles Keeping in contact with Better World Books and the contact-person we were assigned to from there. Made contacts with the bookstore associated with the medical school and the undergraduate campuses to no avail (it was still early, before the book-drive
Coordinator hours 50 hour(s)
Total project cost $30
Project funding School funds
Funding breakdown of sources and/or donations: Major costs were associated with buying "office-supplies" to aid with the project (sharpies, packaging tape, scissors). BWB sends the rest of what you need and you print off UPS shipment labels, courtesy of BWB. We chose to drive our boxes to the UPS stor
Project advertising Mass e-mails, flyers (sent by BWB), table-tents that we put on tables present in one of our study lounges (the table tents disappeared within a few weeks, but the bins themselves were sort of a big advertisement, as was the impact of the bins being full).
Success rating
(1 = unsuccesful, 5 = very successful)
Lessons/suggestions -- made this for access for students here at KUMC -- the breakdown was in part due to the 'calculations' of 'which organization/group' (assuming they had labeled the book with a post-it note o

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